2015 Conviction

I haven’t had a definitive new year’s resolution in a long time. I, like many people, have often felt that setting an unrealistic goal for the year is futile. In thinking about resolutions, I decided to look more broadly at beliefs or convictions and how they have the power to affect change in one’s life. With that in mind, my guiding conviction for 2015 has to do with how I perceive success: (insert overused graphic)


I’ve been working quite diligently at a few personal projects and beating myself down when I stumble. Mentally I can see the progress I’ve made, but I find it difficult to overcome a self-inflicted setback. I’m aware that we are all human and we make mistakes, but no matter how much progress I make, or how many times I tell myself I’m trending positive, I can’t help but feel like a failure when I screw up. It’s always as if I’ve derailed the entire train. My mission for 2015 is to stop feeling that way. I want to see the lesson in all my failures and be more intentional about forgiving myself. More importantly, I want to appreciate that I am closer to where I want to be. The final outcome is a direct result of both my successes and failures. What matters is continued, deliberate effort.

I enjoyed this TEDx talk by Mel Robbins. She emphasizes the need for us to parent ourselves into getting what we want out of life and being the people we want to be. I love what she says about never “feeling like it.” This could not be more true. Doing the hard work necessary all the time, but especially after we screw up, is so important.

I hope to maintain this approach throughout the rest of the year. As I move into my mid-20s (oh lawd), self love and forgiveness seem more and more important. I truly believe they light the path to success in all forms.


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